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Butterflies Book


Hard back book

ISBN:  978-1-908241-55-9

published by Brambleby Books



Become a Little Nature Explorer and discover amazing facts about the life cycle and these precious pollinators.  With over 25 British butterflies exquisitely illustrated it will be a useful guide in the garden park or woodland.

‘Butterflies’ is a great bridge between toddler literature such as Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more complex reading to be encountered at primary school. –Liam Creedon, Butterfly Conservation Magazine

‘Butterflies’ is a delightful little square, hardback picture book in the Little Nature Explorers series for young children which, between the text and the drawings, convincingly paints a vivid picture of a butterfly, and of how it develops from an egg to the imago stage. The text, written entirely in rhyming couplets, guides the young reader through the process. The detail-filled drawings, which begin and end with a garden scene, complement the words and add detail that draws the reader’s attention to the habitat in which the butterfly lives, and contain subtle images that capture the imagination and, almost subliminally, suggest how a child could get involved in encouraging butterflies in the garden. Unlike other books for very young readers there is a one-page index, at the end of the book, so that the creatures and plants they have encountered during their reading can be referred back to. These include various butterfly species and different kinds of trees. Cunningly, the creatures mentioned in the index are not always named in the book, so that the reader has to explore the clever drawings on the relevant page and decide for themselves what, for example, a nettle weevil looks like. Whilst the drawings offer a voyage of discovery, the narrative too is fact-packed, describing how, for example, a butterfly ‘After hanging around for the wings to dry, / it’s off on its journey up to the sky but also mentioning that the’…little orange tip loves honesty petals’ and that’ …the Purple Hairstreak lives high up in oak trees’. –AES Bulletin


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